Women of Substance

Self-Development Course ( 6 weeks )

The aim of this course is to offer sisters knowledge and understanding of skills / strategies that can support them through their journey of Healing, Growth and Transformation.

If you are someone who suffers from,

  • overwhelming emotions
  • declining mental and physical health
  • unhealed traumas
  • stagnant / toxic relationships
  • lack of vision / passion in life ( personally & professionally )
  • lack of execution on plans / goals and dreams
  • lack of discipline
  • fixed mindset
  • low to non existent self esteem
  • brain fog
  • feelings of burn out

and above all feel invisible, not heard and unappreciated, and don’t see a way out of this vicious cycle, then this course is for you.

This course is designed to give you insights into self-development tools. This course will help you become a version of yourself, that is not only more pleasing to your Rabb, but also helps you become a Woman of Meaning, Power and Influence.

This course is purposely designed to be affordable and self paced ( access to recording available for 6 months to go through content – in case you miss the LIVE Class ) for all the sisters out there who want to access Coaching, work on their healing and transformation, but due to lack of funds / confidence, feel held back.

Weekly class is structured in a simple way and actually puts certain tools into action.

You will learn how to DISCIPLINE yourself, become more self-aware, establish healthy habits / relationships, and much more to get back in the driving seat of your life.

REMEMBER SIS! YOU have Problems! YOU hold the SOLUTIONS!

The classes themselves will provide you with a safe, healthy and judgement free space, where you will be supported and celebrated in your journey of Healing, Growth and Self-Transformation.

This 6 weeks self-development course will allow you to transform and LEVEL-UP your game.

This course is designed to give you maximum knowledge, understanding and support with minimum cost.

My aim is to make self-developmental tools easily accessible and available to sisters who are juggling life and have lost parts of themselves trying to be there for everyone else. This course will inshaALLAH help you LEVEL-UP your game, gain clarity and focus on your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL GROWTH.

Structure Of a 2 Hour Weekly Class:

Week 1

  • Welcome
  • Introduction to the course
  • Wheel of Life Exercise
  • Setting our Intentions
  • Making Dua and seeking our Creator’s assistance and approval

Week 2 – Week 6

  • 5 mins Mental Detox Exercise
  • 5 mins Gratitude Exercise
  • 5 mins Reflection Exercise
  • 60 mins Interactive Masterclass
  • 45 mins Q&A – Accountability

Weekly Masterclasses:

Week 2 – Emotional Intelligence

Week 3 – Mindset

Week 4 – Boundaries

Week 5 – Habits

Week 6 – SMART Action Planning & Goal Setting Strategies

What’s Included:

  • 2 hours Weekly LIVE Class Via ZOOM x 6 ( days and times vary with each run of the course )
  • Access to recordings ( of the weekly LIVE class + PDF of the slides )
  • 9am – 5pm ( weekdays ) email / text support / voice note support
  • Dedicated WhatsApp Group to interact with women of your tribe and share progress / reflections / Q&A etc.

Our next run of this course will be after Ramadan 2022.



Once your name is in the wait list, you will be sent a reminder ( 2 weeks before the start date ) and a payment link to secure your place.