Community Empowerment Initiative

Bespoke Workshops

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My aim and passion in life is to serve my sisters and help them Empower themselves. For this reason I have decided to offer Bespoke Women Only Workshops.  

These workshops will be all about doing work on our 

  • self-awareness,
  • self-confidence, 
  • self-talk, 
  • self-love
  • red flags,
  • mental health,
  • mirror work, 
  • procrastination, 
  • mindset, 
  • healing,
  • emotional intelligence,
  • mindfulness, 
  • goal setting,
  • breaking free from cultural chains,
  • toxic relationships,
  • healthy boundaries,
  • positive parenting, 
  • and much more inshaALLAH.

These workshops are currently held Online via ZOOM. If you would like me to host these for you, please click the link below.