If YOU are someone,

who has struggled with self-confidence all your life,

have had dreams, aspirations but failed to act on them because YOU never thought YOU were good enough,

lacked support from your loved ones,

are in the habit of self-sabotaging,

don’t really know what YOU are capable of,

second guess your every move,

never finish what YOU start,

believe everything everyone says about YOU but never believe in yourself,

question your existence and ask yourself these following questions

  • Beneath all the hats i wear as a daughter, wife, mother, sister etc, Who exactly am I ?
  • Am I living a life others have served me with or is it a life I have chosen for myself?
  • Am I being true to my beliefs, dreams and aspirations?
  • Can I live a life that is MINE and still please my Rabb and that it does not take anything away from the people I love and care for?
  • Can I be true to myself without offending others?
  • Can I actually be who I want to be and make a difference in others life and leave a legacy behind?

If YOU can relate to anything and or everything I have said above, then this programme is for YOU.

It is a 6 Week Self-Transformational Programme to help YOU take back the power. This programme is designed to help YOU overcome your fears and stop questioning your life.

YOU will have 1:1 6x60mins weekly sessions to overcome low confidence and low self-esteem issues.

We will work on your weaknesses and HIGHLIGHT your STRENGTHS. YOU will be given tools to help YOU make your future dreams and goals a reality.

Help and support will be given in between the sessions via e-mail and or text message, whatever your preference may be.


Your investment in this Self-Transformational Triple-R Programme is £150.


Payments will be taken via Paypal. When making the payments, please write YOUR NAME as a reference.

You can do a One Full Payment of £150 or can pay in instalements ( This will have to be agreed with myself first ).

Once you agree to signup, I will send you the link for payment.