The Woman Within

With every hardship there is ease.

Quran 94:6

6 Weeks of Healing, Growth and Self-Transformation

Are YOU someone, who has struggled with

  • mindset
  • self-confidence
  • low self-esteem
  • taking action
  • negative thoughts
  • taking responsibility
  • self-sabotaging
  • knowing life purpose
  • finishing what YOU start
  • limiting beliefs
  • negative self talk
  • fear of failure
  • living in fight or flight mode?

If YOU have answered yes to any of the above, then this program is for YOU.

It is a 6 Weeks Self-Transformational Programme for sisters who have been given so many titles and labels all their life, that they no longer recognise themselves.

I use a 3 Step approach to help you get results in all areas of your life and support you with HEALING, GROWTH and SELF-TRANSFORMATION. These steps are designed to help YOU reconnect with your true inner self, embrace and celebrate her and share her with the world.

This 6 weeks Self-Transformational Programme will help you gain MASTERY over YOUR emotional and physical awareness and be in control.

YOU will have 1:1 6×60 mins weekly sessions.

Help and support will be given in between the sessions via e-mail, text messages and some exercises as homework.

Time to take action!

And put your trust in ALLAH, for ALLAH is sufficient as a trustee of affairs. Quran 33:3

Say Bismillah, make the right intention and remember my sisters, the right intention followed by the right action is what will get you the most rewarding results.

Let’s work on your Healing, Growth and Transformation.

When making the payment, please write your Full Name and the Payment plan you have chosen.

Plan A
  • Full Price
Plan B
2 10
  • 2 Monthly Payments