Madeeha was amazing in the way she helps you unlock your potential. She gave me lots of exercises to do which included questions which made me question and reflect on my situation. There was a lot of daily exercises which helped me transform my mindset and remove the roadblocks I had in my mind. Madeeha asked me to write a list of goals I wanted to achieve in the 6 weeks of my coaching. She asked me to set myself small achievable goals for each week and then I updated her at the start of each session on my progress. I felt motivated, confident and better mentally to achieve my goals.
I found it challenging to make sure I kept up with all the daily exercises but once I made sure I set a certain time each day to sit down and do my daily exercises. That really helped me having a routine to work on myself every day.
I am really proud of achieving more than I expected in my 6 weeks of coaching. All the goals I had set myself I achieved them within my 6 sessions of coaching bar one and I know I need to keep up the work and exercises Madeeha has implemented into my life. She has taught me to change my mindset and watch the language that I use. The way I speak to myself and others. This really affects you as a person.
My life has changed so much whilst working with Madeeha. There has been major improvements in all aspects of my life especially my mental, physical and spiritual health. My thoughts, behaviour, beliefs, mindset and relationships have all improved especially with the language I now use.
The way Madeeha is so patient when you get stuck and don’t know how to explain something. She explains everything in such an easy way. She explains everything in a simple way that you understand it easily. She really helps you focus on your mindset and the way you speak to yourself. She is here to really help you better yourself and show you your full potential.
I have learnt that I can achieve anything I put my mind to as long as I set myself SMART goals for every aspect of my life which have small steps that are taken to achieve.
Coaching with Madeeha makes you focus on your inner self and confidence. It makes you question your life and decisions and for you to reflect on them. She helped build my confidence with the daily exercises she provided. She helped me change my mindset and the way I speak to myself and others.
I have improved in my mental, physical and spiritual health so much whilst having coaching with Madeeha. She has helped me so much. Her coaching has a profound affect on me. It has had a great impact me.
I got more than I was hoping for when I signed up to coaching with Madeeha. She is such an amazing person who builds others up. I would definitely recommend her to all my family and friends. Her coaching skills are amazing. I didn’t think I was being coached. I felt like I was talking to a friend who was advising me on my life.
Learnt how to focus on myself and love myself through mirror image therapy, challenged negativity, made routines to help.

Accepting myself, seeing the positive side within me, how to find love and confidence for myself. Removing negativity from past experiences.

Feeling optimistic about life. Giving myself a chance.
Feel more positive about life. Feel more accepted within myself. I don’t think too much about small things.
Finding a way out of the unhappiness I was carrying.
Coaching has helped me to reflect on my personal experiences and turned negativity into a positive.
I am more focused in life now and more optimistic for the future.
I didn’t think I was good enough to achieve what I wanted. I also felt I had to be stuck in my day job to earn money. I was too hard on myself.

Working with Madeeha honestly opened my mind to be more positive. Find my self worth and my strengths Understand that I can do anything I put my mind to It has allowed me to think out of the box Got my creative juices flowing again

Alhamdulillah I’ve come a long way I’ve quit my day job and now run my own business

I am so much more happier, at peace, and so positive I am motivated to do better and improve myself daily

I now understand that I have a strong desire to succeed but also to help others in a similar way
I am definitely more focused and motivated I love to encourage and empowerment others now I’m way more positive

I had, had coaching sessions before but felt they were not helping me the way I needed help.