Mental Health & Wellbeing

This mini course is all about raising awareness about Mental Health. 

The course will be running on

Thursday 26th of May 2022, from 10am – 12pm

We will be going over some of the symptoms that can easily be overlooked when it comes to our mental health. 

Subjects covered in this course will be,

1- Depression 

2- Anxiety 

3- Stress

4- Insomnia

5- Fight / Flight / Freeze / Fawn Responses

This mini wellbeing course will help you recognise / understand symptoms of ill mental health and also share some simple yet effective techniques to support yourself and your loved ones through low and dark moments InshaALLAH. 

  • ZOOM links will be emailed 24hrs prior to the LIVE Class. 
  • Certificate of Attendance along with the recording ( 6 month access ) will be emailed within 48hrs of the LIVE Class InshaALLAH.

Simply click the LINK BELOW to sign up.