About Me

I am a married woman, mother of two teenagers and a full time carer to my eldest. She has complexed needs and learning disabilities. I am a woman who has struggled with her identity and life purpose, been tested more than I can remember, given up on any hope, given up on herself. I always showed up for others but never for myself. I know how it feels like to be at the point of no return. It has taken some ugly experiences for me to realise that there is no other way to change or improve your life, other than showing up for yourself and WORKING ON YOURSELF FIRST. I realised that even ALLAH SWT will not change my state, until I do the work. 

I have faced trauma, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, miscarriage, marital issues, anger, rejection, loss, parenting mistakes and the list goes on. I faced these by myself. I have realised through inner work that, its me who is responsible for my overall wellbeing.

I am not saying that I have overcome my traumas, but, rather I am now much more self aware and am able to self regulate and self help when crisis arise. I still suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I still get social anxiety. I still suffer from self doubt. I still have pockets of depression, but because I am constantly working on myself, I am able to recognise the signs and take appropriate steps towards recovery and maintenance.

 No one can make me happy but me. If I want people to treat me right, I have to treat myself right. I have to Love, Respect, Appreciate and be Kind to myself first before I expect that from others.’

My dear sisters I had to turn my life around for myself. It was after hitting the rock bottom so many times that I realised, I was the only one who could save ME. I had to step up and show up for myself. I was going to be the one to say NO to everything and everyone that didn’t serve me.

Now I Coach sisters who are on the journey of self-discovery, healing, growth and self-transformation. I am also a Qualified CONNECT 5 Mental Health Coach / Counsellor ( NHS Accredited ). I host a Weekly Women Only Workshop (FREE).

I have Co-hosted Parenting workshops, Marriage workshop, Bereavement Workshops in the past.

I deliver 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Self-help Masterclasses / Workshops, Mini Courses, Mental Health Counselling and am constantly working on delivering Women Empowerment Workshops within the Communities, WhatsApp Groups, Local Charities and Organisations to support my sisters in need.