Feeding our minds….

If you knew what you ate was going to make you sick for sure or even kill you, would you go ahead and eat that?



So why is it that we feed our minds this junk, day in day out, without realising how it impacts our mental heath.

I remember watching these soap operas and these unrealistic romantic movies, listening to sad songs, romantic songs and getting anxious. I would start sympathising or relating to these made up characters. My moods would go up and down depending on the genre of what i was watching or listening to.

I know sometimes they are a reflection of the society we live in, but that story isnt my story. That character is not me.I am not living that life. I didnt write that song. So why am i putting myself through those emotions that dont serve me right. They rob me of my true emotions.

I am not a made up character, whose lines and character can be changed and made better or worse with every episode. I am a living, breathing person. My life isnt a movie or a song. My emotions and feelings dont depend on them. Rather i need to write and live my own story. Choose what my role will be. Not what you or anyone else decides whats best for me, but i myself will be the judge of that.

Lets not put ourselves through these fake emotions that just give us the highs and lows temporarily and rob us of our true feelings.

Lets start feeding our minds and soul some quality stuff, like we would with our bodies. Start making an effort today to have a healthy mind and soul. Feed it what it truly needs. Something that will help its growth.

Listen to things that can help you better yourself as a person. Read books, articles. Listen to podcasts. Learn a new language or even a new skill. Solve puzzles. Do word puzzles or play word games. Keep using those muscles in your brain to keep them healthy. Like our body, if we stop using our brains for what is their true purpose, we become reponsible for its ill health.

Don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy watching all the crap that I said doesn’t serve me well.


I don’t live and breathe that stuff everyday. I dive in it every now and then. I dont let this stuff consume me to an extent where i feel like my life is over if i missed an episode ( even though that was the case with some of the stuff i watched, !WAS! ) or dying to find out what happened to a certain character, or that i couldnt go out because of a programme, and that i should start threatening people because they are messing around when i am trying to watch. All these things aren’t healthy for our minds or even for people around us.




P.S……. image is from PEXELS

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