I help muslim women with Healing, Growth, Transformation and break free from Cultural Chains.

The worst of our faults is our interest in other people’s faults. ALI IBN ABI TALIB ( RA )

I believe, no matter what the problem, trying to fix or change others around us, waiting for things to happen or people to show up, does not serve us and is never the solution.

My 1 : 1 sessions focus on finding the root cause to your issues, address them and create an action plan moving forward.

As soon as YOU work on your mindset and shift your focus from others on to yourself, you will see the results inshaALLAH.

About Me

I am a married woman, mother of two teenagers and a full time carer to my eldest. She has complexed needs and learning disabilities. I am a woman who has struggled with her identity and life purpose, been tested more than I can remember, given up on any hope, given up on herself. I always showed up for others but never for myself. I know how it feels like to be at the point of no return. It has taken some ugly experiences for me to realise that there is no other way to change or improve your life, other than showing up for yourself and WORKING ON YOURSELF FIRST. I realised that even ALLAH SWT will not change my state, until I do the work. 

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My Services

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Women’s Weekly Workshop

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Women’s Empowerment Project


Learnt how to focus on myself and love myself through mirror image therapy, challenged negativity, made routines to help. Felt trapped before.

Mrs S.A

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